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Check-up, which is more commonly known as personal health screening, aims to detect many possible diseases in the early period and to keep individuals healthy by taking appropriate precautions. Personal health screening is defined as the examination and examination procedures applied in order to detect diseases that begin to occur in individuals secretly, even if they do not have a major complaint, while they are still in the early stages.

In today’s modern medicine, it is aimed to take the necessary precautions before the ailments manifest themselves and thus not to deteriorate the health status of people. Because once a disease occurs, it becomes very burdensome in terms of treatment and can force individuals financially. For this reason, it is of great importance for each individual to have general health check-ups at certain intervals, by applying to health centers that provide professional service in this field, such as Apex Surgical Medical Center check-up department, even if they do not have any obvious complaints. The frequency of these periods may vary according to the age, general health and living standards of the individuals.

Thanks to the check-up procedures performed in the Apex Surgical Medical Center check-up department, it is possible to detect some findings occurring in the internal organs. With this process, it is possible for people to change some life habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, irregular exercise and malnutrition through advice. In this way, possible diseases that may occur in the future can be easily prevented and the existing diseases can be prevented from progressing to advanced levels. With the check-up procedures performed in the Apex Surgical Medical Center check-up department, some types of cancer such as hidden sugar, cholesterol, alcohol and hepatitis-b-induced liver disease, coronary heart diseases, uterine cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and bone Melting and anemia problems can be easily detected.

Many diseases can be screened without any problem in the check-up procedures performed in the check-up department of Apex Surgical Medical Center, and if suspicious findings are encountered, appropriate treatment methods can be applied. Check-up procedures can be deepened in different areas according to the complaints and general health status of the patients. By making use of early diagnosis opportunities with check-up applications, it is possible to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases to the families of individuals, and thus, possible treatment costs can be greatly reduced.

In the check-up applications performed in the check-up department of Apex Surgical Medical Center, many extremely dangerous and incurable diseases such as cancer can be easily detected and thus early treatment options can be evaluated. For this reason, it is recommended that each individual, regardless of whether they are healthy or not, should have a check-up at least 2-3 times a year and benefit from early diagnosis and treatment opportunities.

It can be said that in the check-up department of Apex Medical Center, unique check-up programs designed specifically for different age groups and designed for men or women are applied for individuals who care about their health. With correct and effective check-up programs, individuals can say hello to a much healthier and conscious life.

Who Should Have a Check-up?

  • Those who have diabetes, thyroid, obesity, prostate, gynecological problems, hypertension, heart diseases and similar diseases in their family and therefore carry the risk of these diseases
  • Those who work under stress and with intense tempo
  • Those with liver diseases due to alcohol or hepatitis virus
  • Those suffering from anemia
  • Cholesterol patients
  • Those who want to have cervical and breast cancer screening
  • Those who know the importance of a healthy life and want to live for many years with their loved ones

Check-up Packages