The treatment department is called the Emergency Service for diseases that cause great damage if left on hold and develop suddenly. It is the unit where the first intervention is made by the emergency medicine teams that provide surgical or psychological intervention to the patients who are in danger of life. In this area, which is located in hospitals and health centers, rapid intervention is carried out in the areas of interest of many clinics. If deemed necessary, consultations are made to the relevant branches. You need to apply to the department, which works without an appointment and provides service for 24 hours, for your urgent health problems.

What Diseases Does the Emergency Service Treat?

If your chronic ailments are being treated with prescribed medications, you should consult specialist physicians. You can find the answers to which diseases and situations are intervened in the emergency department in the triage explanations below. For patients who are eligible to be referred to the outpatient clinic, emergency service teams act to refer the patient to a more equipped health center or to send him/her home after the necessary intervention. Emergency service diseases, which are grouped in three ways according to the diseases and the condition of the patient, are specified in the triage field.

What is the Emergency Service Triage Area?

The urgency status of the patients who reach the Emergency service units for treatment is determined by the Triage areas. After outpatient checks such as fever and pulse, referrals are made to appropriate areas. We can state that nurses work in this unit.

According to this, when we look at the diseases that the  Red  area in the emergency service area deals with;

  • Shock,
  • Heart Stopping,
  • Coma Cases,
  • Life-threatening respiratory distress
  • Multiple traumas,
  • Allergic shocks,
  • Forensic cases and traffic accidents,
  • It is seen that cases such as poisoning are intervened.

In the area determined with  Yellow  color;

  • Abdominal pain,
  • Mild to moderate burns
  • Severe headaches,
  • Cuts (Suturing),
  • Hip and bone fractures,
  • Kidney stones,
  • Nail extraction,
  • Cases such as sore throat and difficulty swallowing are treated.

In order to be treated in the  Green  area:

  • Rash complaints,
  • Wound care,
  • Genital area currents,
  • Suture removal,
  • All kinds of ailments that do not carry a high risk,
  • All kinds of pain that is not high risk and mild,
  • Low-risk diseases without active complaints,
  • All kinds of simple symptoms in the patient whose general condition and vital signs are stable,
  • Simple wounds, minor abrasions, simple cuts that do not require stitches,
  • Behavioral and psychological disorders with chronic symptoms and good general condition,
  • Feeling of boredom (Anxiety)
  • Toothache,
  • You must have complaints such as a cold.

Which Personnel Work in the Emergency Service?

Emergency services are one of the areas served by many health personnel. Triage arrangements, which are effective in determining the urgency of diseases, are carried out under certain conditions. Physicians who have successfully completed 6 years of basic medical education as well as 4 years of emergency medicine specialization serve as emergency medicine specialists. Emergency medicine assistants are also required to receive these trainings. Physicians who did not specialize after basic medical education serve as general practitioners.

You can also benefit from emergency services in cases such as fever, injury, loss of consciousness, head and neck trauma, severe pain, complaints such as nausea and vomiting, attacks caused by chronic diseases, psychiatric problems such as panic attacks and poisoning.

Emergency services that perform gastric lavage in poisonings, dressing and suture care in injuries include intubation, splinting, treatments for eliminating fluid deficiency, and emergency services with imaging methods such as MR and tomography.

Apex Surgical Medical Center Emergency Service

The emergency department of Apex Surgical Medical Center serves its patients 24/7 without any problems. Apex Surgical emergency department, which offers uninterrupted service opportunities to its patients with its highly experienced and dynamic expert staff, is able to get full marks from both our patients and their relatives with this feature.

All branches available during the daytime are supported at Apex Surgical Medical Center. When the night hours are entered, examination and treatment procedures can be applied to the patients who come by the physicians who are on duty in the emergency room within the medical center.

In the emergency department of Apex Surgical Medical Center, equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, there are observation areas with monitors at the bedside and where more than one person can be hosted. The first observation and treatment of patients who come to the emergency department are also carried out in these areas.

In the emergency department of Apex Surgical Medical Center, equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, there are observation areas with monitors at the bedside and where more than one person can be hosted. The first observation and treatment of patients who come to the emergency department are also carried out in these areas.

Uninterrupted and Quality Emergency Service

Apex Surgical Medical Center provides advanced first aid and health support to our valuable citizens by cooperating with the 112 Emergency Services Command and Coordination Center of the Ministry of Health in cases of both urgent and very advanced health needs. The referral procedures of the patients in question in advanced operational or intensive care conditions are also provided through the Ministry of Health 112.

Apex Surgical Medical Center’s emergency department is structured to work 24 hours a day without interruption to provide necessary social and medical services to all patients who apply to the hospital. Apex Surgical Medical Center, which has a high level of technical equipment, is highly praised by both patients and their relatives for providing health and first aid services of the same quality and standards at all hours of the day.

In the emergency department of Apex Surgical Medical Center, which continues its services with a multidisciplinary approach, physicians from other specialties also come to the emergency department in a short time and assist the doctors and nurses in the emergency department. In the emergency department of Apex Medical Center, imaging facilities such as ultrasound and x-ray and all emergency laboratory examinations are applied perfectly.

Apex Medical Center’s emergency department, which has an extremely wide and indoor usage area and manages to meet all kinds of comfort and medical needs easily, welcomes its guests with examination rooms, technical rooms, patient observation rooms and hygienic waiting rooms equipped with the latest technologies.

Services Provided in Apex Medical Center Emergency Department

  • on-site health care,
  • All urgent first applications
  • All green field inspections
  • All types of fractures, dislocations, crushes, sprains and injuries
  • Burns of all types and levels
  • Internal first references of any type
  • Serum insertion
  • Dressing
  • Injection therapy
  • Catheter insertion or probe removal derivative interventions
  • Abscess Drainage
  • Simple oil gland removal,
  • cauterization
  • Suturing
  • All kinds of small interventions can be made.

Our Doctors Serving in the Emergency Department

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