General Surgery

What is General Surgery?

We include all the details you need to know about the General Surgery department, which examines various ailments and enables patients to be diagnosed. Since it is an area where surgical procedures are applied, a much more disciplined study is carried out. A suitable treatment plan is drawn according to the type of disease, especially the organs in the abdomen and its surroundings. Various diseases that occur in the bile ducts, liver, organs such as stomach or pancreas are examined in this section. General Surgery specialists also undertake various tasks such as interventions for the thyroid glands or hernia operations.

Which Diseases Does General Surgery Treat?

If we list the diseases examined by the General Surgery unit;

  • Pain or swelling in the breast and soft tissue problems,
  • Umbilical and inguinal hernia,
  • Hair Rotation (Plonidal Sinus),
  • Intestinal and Stomach Problems, surgical diseases of the spleen
  • Skin Problems (bed sores, diabetic foot, abscesses),
  • Accidents, injuries and traumas requiring emergency intervention,
  • Gallbladder diseases,
  • Pancreas problems,
  • Moles on the skin surface, oil glands,
  • Anal fistula, anal fissure,
  • Diseases related to the contents of the abdomen
  • Thyroid gland diseases,
  • Tumor surgery,
  • Appendicitis,
  • Endoscopic procedures,
  • Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids),
  • Obesity Surgery,
  • Gastric balloon,
  • Stomach botox,
  • Varicose Diseases,
  • It is in the form of adult and child circumcision.

In addition to the surgical interventions required in the stages of these disorders, services such as surgical infection and surgical intensive care are also included in the department. It is defined as an area where minimally invasive methods are used for cancer of the intestines and internal organs, especially breast and thyroid cancer. Accordingly, you will need doctors who work with expertise in the surgeries and removal of tumors. You can get medical support from your specialists who will not leave you alone during the surgical treatment stages, injuries or healing of wounds.

Varicose veins are treated with sclerotherapy, radiofrequency or laser methods.

In this process, there are other departments that will cooperate with the General Surgery department, which has a wide service area. Postoperative referrals are made to services such as Gastroentology, Radiology, Pathology and Oncology to follow up the patients. If multiple organ injuries occur in trauma patients, departments such as Cardiology, Urology or Orthopedics also undertake duties.

General Surgery is shown as an example as a medical department involved in social responsibility projects in order to diagnose many diseases in the society at an early stage. It is an area that mentions that early diagnosis of bowel and breast cancer cases can save lives. For this reason, it consciously maintains all programs related to screening and examination processes.

What Do General Surgery Specialists Do?

You may be wondering what responsibilities General Surgery specialists take on in private health centers or government institutions. These specialists, who ask some questions in order to examine the medical histories of the patients and take action by using different diagnostic methods according to the answers they receive, need to remain loyal to patient privacy while interpreting various scans.

According to the test results and the examinations they will make, they will be able to decide whether surgery is needed or not. In addition, they are responsible for informing the relatives of the patients about the risks in cases requiring surgical intervention. Before surgical intervention is performed on patients, it is examined whether there is an allergic reaction to any drug. In the planning phase of the surgery, it acts in partnership with anesthesiologists. At the same time, they start the treatment processes by prescribing the drugs that should be used before and after the surgery. They are the health personnel who follow the progress of the health status of the patients who have undergone surgery.

Our Doctors Serving in the Department of General Surgery

doktor mevsim diriker

Ass. Prof. Dr. Mevsim Diriker