apex cerrahi tıp merkezi labaratuvar

Apex Surgical Medical Center laboratory department provides unconditional service in clinical biochemistry, microbiology, serology, hematology and immunology testing services, which are mandatory for monitoring clinical diagnosis and treatment processes. Apex Medical Center laboratory department, which can be preferred with peace of mind for the most accurate and reliable test results, is the primary choice of many patients today. Apex Surgical Medical Center laboratory department,

  • Detecting diseases or determining susceptibility to diseases
  • Providing support for confirming or rejecting a diagnosis
  • To predict the development and duration of certain disorders
  • To monitor the effectiveness of treatments applied to patients
  • Many different test procedures are applied for different reasons.

In the laboratory department of Apex Surgical Medical Center, the expectations and safety of the patients are taken into consideration at every step in the process from the moment the sample is taken from the patients to the use of the results for the benefit of the patients. In this context, all the conditions of international and national management and service standards are fully fulfilled.

All kinds of laboratory tests needed for diagnosis, treatment or evaluation of patients’ conditions are carried out by Apex Medical Center’s state-of-the-art equipment, experienced technicians who are always equipped with up-to-date training, functionally designed, useful physical space and an effective management team working with success. .

In accordance with the pre-determined service standards in the laboratory department of Apex Surgical Medical Center, the rights, expectations and responsibilities of the patients coming to the hospital are taken into consideration at every step of the test processes, and both the environment, the employee and the patient’s safety are ensured without any problems.

The devices in the laboratory section of Apex Medical Center and the performance of the materials preferred in the tests are regularly audited during all test stages. Internal and external quality control processes are carried out continuously to ensure that the laboratory devices and test materials are always hygienic and trouble-free.

The laboratory department at Apex Medical Center, with its superior technical infrastructure, not only follows the latest technological developments, but also works subject to international quality control data. Laboratory technicians, who obtain blood samples from patients via a disposable automatic system during blood collection stages, reprocess the blood samples in the internal laboratory after applying fast and effective separation techniques.

All of the devices in the laboratory section of Apex Medical Center are checked daily and their calibrations are performed in full. In this way, it is ensured that the laboratory devices give the most reliable results. The test result reports prepared by the hands of expert teams as a result of the procedures carried out in the laboratory are delivered to the patients or their relatives at the end of the process.

The examinations performed in Apex Surgery laboratory, which can be preferred for economical and reliable test results, are as follows:

  • Biochemistry tests
  • Microbiology tests
  • Pathology tests
  • Serology tests
  • immunology tests
  • Hormone tests
  • Hematology tests
  • Hepatitis (Elisa) tests
  • thyroid tests
  • drug levels
  • Tumor panel
  • Torch panel
  • Bacteriology
  • rheumatology