Mouth and Dental Health

Mouth and dental health

Oral and Dental Health is one of the most important areas in terms of aesthetics and our health. Serious treatment methods are carried out in this department, which deals with gingival, mouth and dental problems. A suitable treatment method is determined in order to eliminate the negativities that cause serious concerns in terms of aesthetics. You should make an appointment with reliable specialist doctors in the field of Oral and Dental Health, which may affect your health in general. With health centers and dentists offering professional services, you can decide without worry.

Oral and Dental Health Which Diseases Cause?

We can state that the diseases examined in the Oral and Dental Health section are divided into groups within themselves. Accordingly, some types of diseases and services that fall within the scope of activity are as follows:

  • Early diagnosis with Preventive Dentistry,
  • Orthodontic services for the elimination of lower and upper jaw incompatibilities,
  • Periodontology for problems such as bleeding gums, inflammation, redness, swelling and tooth decay,
  • Pedodontics for oral and dental problems in children,
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in diseases and injuries of the jaw bones,
  • Endodontics for the treatment of pulp tissue that causes the teeth to lose their vitality,
  • Maxillary Sinus (maxillary sinus) treatment of sinus infections caused by tooth root
  • In the case of crooked teeth and deformities that cause problems in terms of appearance, aesthetic smile Hollywood Smile and Aesthetic Dentistry areas serve.
Oral and Dental Health Diagnosis and Treatments

In the Oral and Dental Health department, some treatments are performed on patients under general anesthesia or after sedation. An appropriate treatment plan is presented after the examinations that enable the diagnosis of dental diseases. Among the applications to be performed by your specialist doctors, the highlights are:

  • Surgical operations to combat cysts and tumors,
  • Endodontic treatment including root canal treatment,
  • Implant, which allows the replacement of artificial teeth and is applied to eliminate deficiencies,
  • Orthodontics, which gives an aesthetic appearance by removing the jaw crowding,
  • They are prostheses for veneers formed by using zirconium material.

Is Sedation Application Safe for Oral and Dental Health?

The sedation procedure, which ensures that the patient is conscious during dental treatments, should be performed by anesthesiologists. Thus, it becomes possible to fulfill the commands given to the patient. On the other hand, the patient’s pulse and blood pressure values should be under constant control. Well, you may be wondering how reliable this process is. Is Sedation Application Safe for Oral and Dental Health? In order to get the answer to your question, you need to apply to your specialist doctors and reliable dental health centers.

Applications are performed under sedation by administering drugs in doses that will be adjusted according to the age and condition of the patient. It is an ideal application for procedures such as one-session filling. Thanks to this method, the patient’s feelings of fear and anxiety about dental treatments are eliminated. It is possible to be treated in a safer and healthier way. With this method, which makes him feel less pain, the process is completed away from stress. Thus, it becomes possible to eliminate sudden reflexes.

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