Nifty Test

Nifty Test

Starting at week 10, the NIFTY test gives you the option to learn more about your baby’s genetic health. Compared to traditional screening tests, the NIFTY test provides higher accuracy and lower false positive rates.

This means that fewer women with a 1-2% risk of miscarriage will be exposed to invasive diagnostic methods such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. NIFTY is non-invasive (non-invasive) and thus does not pose a risk of miscarriage to mother or baby.

Is the NIFTY test right for me?

The NIFTY test is suitable for all pregnant women after the 10th week of pregnancy, but it is especially suitable for pregnant women with the following symptoms.

In the NIFTY test, 73 diseases are examined in the blood analysis and results are given within 12 working days.

Remember, non-invasive prenatal testing may or may not be right for you. Before having any non-invasive prenatal testing, you should consult a qualified healthcare professional regarding any risk, diagnosis, treatment and/or other potential health issues.