Nutrition and Dietetics

What is Nutrition and Dietetics?

The department, which provides services for the purpose of acquiring adequate and balanced nutrition in the society and maintaining it in a healthy way, appears in the form of Nutrition and Dietetics. Innovative steps are taken within the framework of certain trainings in order to achieve quality stages throughout life. Various applications are included in order for people who receive dietitian education to apply their knowledge about their profession, evaluate, interpret or gain the ability to solve problems. In this way, they gain a disciplined working tempo in the application phase of the knowledge they will have. You can achieve a healthy life thanks to the kindergarten, school, cafeteria, food services and services provided in various institutions where nutrition is provided collectively.

Thanks to the Nutrition and Dietetics department, which allows to consider the qualities that can be effective in the protection and improvement of health and increasing the comfort of life to the highest levels, due care is taken to ensure that students have universal thoughts. Efforts are made to qualify the dietitian profession in accordance with certain standards.

How Many Years Is Nutrition and Dietetics Education Taken?

It is possible for people who have completed the Nutrition and Dietetics Education, which is among the 4-year undergraduate departments of universities, to obtain the title of dietitian or nutritionist. Students studying dietetics should be successful in many courses such as anatomy, physiology, community nutrition, application of nutritional principles and microbiology.

What are Nutrition and Dietetics Fields of Study?

It is possible for these people, who will have a wide working field, to work in occupational groups and health centers for the health sector. They are employed to work in hospitals, oncology and diabetes departments, weight loss centers or catering companies. If you are wondering in which areas the Nutrition and Dietetics department works, we provide some important details.

  • The manager can obtain the profession of dietitian,
  • They can work in private or public organizations that provide services related to nutrition and food groups,
  • It is ensured that they take part in family health centers that are related to public health, in areas such as nursing homes and nursing homes that provide care for the elderly
  • Special diet outpatient clinics or diabetes education centers or,
  • It is possible for them to serve in all inpatient institutions.

Nutrition and Dietetics and Personal Nutrition Program

Individual nutrition programs are developed with Nutrition and Dietetics, where people who act effectively and guide in the formulation of nutrition policies work. Thus, it is possible to reveal and solve nutritional problems. Expertise is worked to determine the priority needs and to eliminate the factors that cause the unhealthy continuation of nutrition.

In the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, which aims to be more conscious about nutrition in the society and provides services for this purpose, attention is paid to the successful completion of the trainings consisting of several stages. You can have a healthier life thanks to the appointments you will make for this polyclinic serving in hospitals or health centers. You can learn about your needs with the help of expert dietitians who will improve your existing diet. Healthy results will be obtained in the introduction of diets specific to different ages and diseases.

Our Dietician Serving in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

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