Operating Room Services

Operating room services are provided for all surgical procedures to be performed in different branches. We state that the most hygienic environments are being prepared for day-to-day surgeries for small or large interventions. Action is taken to complete the preparations for the systems and organs that need to be intervened by specialist physicians.

Thus, we can state that the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Cardiovascular Surgery, General Surgery operations, Urological operations, operations performed in the field of Neurosurgery and many branches of ENT, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Birthday are provided. We emphasize that the areas where many people may be needed, not just doctors and nurses, constitute the Surgery Services department.

Persons to be assigned in the operating room services unit are required to complete some sections. We emphasize that some training will be given on technology, applications, disease knowledge, anesthesia, infection and microbiology, communication, management and stress management for those who can achieve the necessary conditions after 2 years of graduation.

Persons who will deal with the Operating Room Services must be responsible, be patient, act meticulously, cope with stress and emotional states, act to prioritize the patient’s safety and satisfaction, cooperate with the team, have effective communication skills, and be flexible. He needs to be able to work and think analytically. We state that some surgeries will be performed thanks to the qualified teams that carry these qualifications in the best way.

Which Surgeries Are Performed?

We convey that the highest quality and modern services are provided in all branches of medicine. You can make a comprehensive examination at our address, which takes into account the safety of employees and ensures that patients receive services in more sterile environments. Thus, you will be able to see the details regarding the safety of the patients at our address, which has a ventilation system, sterilization systems and state-of-the-art devices. We state that after the procedures performed, the vital functions of the patient were followed up in the recovery unit. We explain which procedures can be used in the surgery service for the patients who will be followed closely after they are taken to the service rooms.

  • In your General Surgery problems,
  • In eye diseases,
  • In your ear, nose and throat complaints,
  • In Thoracic Surgery
  • In Gynecological Problems,
  • In the cardiovascular field,
  • In pediatric surgery,
  • In Neurosurgery
  • In Robotic Surgery applications,
  • In Orthopedic and Traumatological events,
  • In Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery procedures, you can get detailed information about how you should follow your doctors’ surgical decisions.

It is ensured that the patients for whom surgical decisions are made are prepared by surgeons. With the completion of certain examinations and tests, all stages of transition to the operating room are completed in a sterile manner. After filling in the fields for the operation to be performed, your identity information and some private information, you can give consent and benefit from the services under the supervision of the operating room nurse, technician and doctor.

After the surgery, patients are allowed to use blankets connected to a device blowing hot air. In addition, the necessary drugs are provided and prepared. It is expected that the patients who will be supervised by the anesthesia team will come to their own. Values such as respiration, pulse and blood pressure of the patients are constantly checked to ensure safe conditions.