Paternity Test

Paternity Test

With new methods, paternity tests can be performed without taking samples from the mother. Paternity tests of children born after intercourse can be determined only from a mucous sample taken from the mouth, without taking any sample from the mother, or from a swab sample taken from the inside of the cheek and blood as we have a throat culture done.

In this method, in tests with 16 DNA markers; Paternity determination can be made at values ranging from 99.9% to 99.999%. In the Father-Child DNA test, only the DNA passed from father to child is determined. For greater certainty or in doubtful cases; It may be necessary to participate in the paternity test in the sample taken from the mother. There is no need for this, as this situation is rarely encountered. A sample of the mother may also be requested in cases where there is a risk of contamination of the sample by other people’s DNA.

The father-child example is sufficient. At the same time, the precision of the tests does not change according to the characteristics of the sample material. Hair samples are not accepted. The test results in 7-10 days after sample delivery to the laboratory.

The written consent/consent of the prospective mother or prospective father is required for the paternity test, otherwise the test cannot be performed. You can obtain the WRITTEN PERMISSION FORM on this subject from the LABORATORY. For people outside of Istanbul, sample -sample sticks or blood tubes, consent forms can be sent by the laboratory, signed by the laboratory, and photocopies of the ID attached and delivered to the laboratory. The results can be sent to you via cargo or e-mail, and customers can get the necessary comments from the laboratory doctors by phone.

As a laboratory that has been performing DNA analyzes for many years, we have been serving in international standards in paternity tests. We work with a total of 17 markers, including FBI markers, and give our results with a rate exceeding 99.9999%.

With these markers, personal DNA profiles can be drawn and analyzed easily. Considering that such a DNA profile can be found once in 180 trillion, it is clear how reliable the results are.

Sample Acceptance Rules

  • Official parental consent must be obtained.
  • There is a requirement to be a Legal Father.
  • In order for the test to be taken, the identity checks of the father and the prospective child must be made.
  • We only run your test with blood or cheek saliva samples.
  • We do not do this test in the womb.
  • We cannot accept hair, nails and samples obtained without parental consent as we do not find it ethical.
  • We have work out of town. For all our sampling processes, identity control and surveillance are required.