Psychiatry (Mental Health and Diseases)

Psychiatry (Mental Health and Diseases)

The field of Psychiatry (Mental Health and Diseases) examines the symptoms of mental disorders in cases where patients’ feelings, thoughts and behaviors are abnormal. It is a medical field that examines mental or behavioral disorders as well as social phobia and allows perceptual problems to be treated.

Disorders in the Field of Psychiatry (Mental Health and Diseases)

If we take a look at the most common mental health problems;

  • Anxiety and panic
  • Social phobia and mood disorders
  • Manic-depressive disorder,
  • Eating and sleep disorders
  • Anger out of control,
  • Alcohol and gambling addiction
  • Communication disorders and problems that arise due to diseases that need to be treated constantly are at the forefront.

There are many factors in the occurrence of these disorders. There are mental illnesses that develop due to biological factors originating from genes. It should also be noted that there are individuals who experience such problems after traumas and abuse. At the same time, the presence of stories about individuals with mental health disorders in the family is also among the factors that cause mental health problems. You can meet with doctors who have the ability to solve your problems by making an appointment with health centers and clinics serving in the field of Mental Health and Diseases.

Psychiatry (Mental Health and Diseases) Symptoms

You should take seriously some of the signs that your mental health is in danger. If you have been eating and sleeping less or more recently, if you feel your energy is low, if you think you are unresponsive and helpless against events, if you have harmful habits such as substance-alcohol and gambling, if you are hallucinating or if you think about harming yourself. You need to consult doctors.

Applications for Psychiatry (Mental Health and Diseases)

There are a number of practices that facilitate the diagnosis of individuals’ complaints about Mental Health and Diseases. It is diagnosed more accurately as a result of some applications such as Boston naming, benton face recognition, tracking, neuropsychological tests, psychotherapy, stroop test and WAIS binary similarity subtest. In individuals experiencing sexual reluctance, people who think they are depressed, post-pregnancy depression, obsession, panic and stress disorders are diagnosed and treatment methods are developed. According to the stage of the disease, drug treatment methods are applied.

At What Stage Should You Be Inspected?

If people who encounter such problems insist on not being treated, stay late and do not benefit from early diagnosis, their quality of life gradually decreases. It is recommended that people who are experiencing an unproductive period in the social and professional field should consult a psychiatrist. Thus, there is a solution to mental disorders caused by stress caused by problems in family matters, business life or social environment. With the help of experts who will support you, you can express your experiences more easily and benefit from guidance. We can state that your doctors, who are specialists in the Department of Mental Health and Diseases, are experienced in diagnosis, treatment and counseling. By making an appointment immediately, you can start the solution and treatment processes for your mental problems you are complaining about.