What is the Department of Psychology?

It is seen that there is a large part of the society that is treated by the Psychology Department. You should not be late for such diseases that can cause great emotional and behavioral problems. Being under stress, experiencing mental difficulties, being in mourning processes also trigger such events. You can get solutions for your ailments by applying to doctors, psychologists or counselors who are experts in the psychology department. Thus, necessary processes will be initiated to prevent and treat mental problems before they cause bigger problems. You can benefit from the processes that will be completed in coordination by the mental health team to evaluate your situation. In this way, many questions will be answered, such as making evaluations about the patient’s condition, prescribing the drugs to be used in the treatments to be applied, and how long it will take.

What are the Causes of Psychological Diseases?

There are many factors that cause mental health deterioration. It is possible to come across various causes arising from biological reasons, environmental factors or psychological factors. Factors such as genetic factors, infections that can cause brain damage, traumas, substance use or Covid-19 virus are biological factors that cause psychological diseases. When we look at environmental factors, there are reasons such as losses such as death and separation, poor family conditions, loss of freedom or high social expectations. Trauma or accidents experienced, difficulties in establishing social relationships and neglect are among the psychological factors.

What are the Complaints in the Department of Psychology?

Psychological symptoms are given importance in this area, where some complaints that enable diagnosis and make it easier are examined. From a mental point of view, it is seen that repetitive thoughts are harmful and disturbing. Behaviors becoming more aggressive and careless are also among the symptoms of this. Among the complaints of people who have difficulty in distinguishing between reality and imagined things, there are cases such as fatigue and numbness. We emphasize that these people who have difficulty in concentrating when evaluated physically can be treated by the Psychology Department.

What are the Most Common Diseases in the Department of Psychology?

We will share with you the most common types among hundreds of psychological diseases. The most common types of psychological disorders among the diagnoses made as a result of examinations, examinations and tests performed by specialists are as follows:

  • Eating disorders and addictions
  • Psychological disorders that cause sexual problems,
  • Panic Attack, Stress disorder and anxiety,
  • Developmental disorders such as autism and bipolar
  • Depression

Data such as x-rays and analysis are used to diagnose these disorders. However, it is usually diagnosed according to the stories of the patients listened to by the doctors and the symptoms of the disease. We can draw attention to the fact that many ailments are experienced due to internal conflicts and traumas based on childhood. In the first interview, you can apply to psychiatrists who have the experience and training to diagnose based on the patient’s verbal expression. As a result of some procedures to be performed in computerized environments, it is possible to make a more comfortable and precise diagnosis.

Our Doctors Serving in the Field of Psychology

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