It is the part where technological devices are used in order to diagnose many diseases in the medical field. There are devices that are at the forefront in the radiology department. In this section, you can find imaging technologies obtained by using sound, radio waves and X-rays during diagnosis. Radiology, which is among the most comprehensive branches in medicine, also supports other departments. It is examined in two groups as Diagnostic and Treatment Radiology stages. Among the tests used for diagnostic purposes, applications such as MRA, CT, PET, Ultrasound and X-ray come to the fore. In the treatment and interventional radiology department, an effective method is generally followed for the treatment of back pain, kidney and liver diseases, diseases such as cancer and tumors. In this way, the recovery period will cover a much shorter time frame.

Which Diseases Does Radiology Deal With?

Many vitally important diseases are in the field of radiology department. The diseases that come to the fore in the Radiology department, which provide efficient results in diagnosis and treatment methods, are as follows:

  • Traumas and injuries,
  • Breast diseases and soft tissue damage,
  • Thyroid diseases,
  • Bone and lung diseases,
  • Damage to the spinal cord, head and neck region or nervous system,
  • Abdominal and abdominal lesions,
  • It is in the form of gynecological diseases.

Radiology Importance and Applications

Radiology, which plays an important role in the early diagnosis of various diseases, has a great importance. It supports the visualization of damages, injuries and traumas occurring in different organs, and the development of diagnosis and treatment methods. Among the Radiology applications performed for this purpose, the most important examinations are as follows:

  • CT (Computerized Tomography) is effective in imaging tissues and internal details of the body that are difficult to see on X-ray.
  • Another method with high success and one of the most reliable tests is ultrasonography.
  • Another method that provides powerful imaging is the MR application, which allows the use of radio waves in a magnet.
  • Imaging is provided by mammography, which is used specifically for the diagnosis of problems in the breast.
  • Gamma rays are also allowed to be used in imaging applications used in the field of radiology.
  • All kinds of biopsy procedures can be performed with the interventional radiology method.

What are Radiology Services?

You can get reliable health services 24/7 from the Radiology department, where you can benefit from the latest innovations and technological developments. Attention is paid to the reliability, professionalism and quality of the fixed personnel working in this field. Thus, it is ensured that the devices that will respond in detail can be used without any problems. You can apply to this field, which has important contributions in the early diagnosis and follow-up of diseases that require treatment. With the provision of routine controls, important results are obtained in diseases of the brain, neck, heart and abdomen.

At the same time, special intervention techniques are used for the treatment of diseases that do not require surgery. We can emphasize that recovery times are much shorter in the field of Radiology, which has a strong connection with other outpatient clinics. In addition, service is provided by personnel who ensure that patients take a comfortable step in the treatment process and are very satisfied.

Our Doctors Serving in the Department of Radiology

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