Sperm Test

Sperm Test

Before having a sperm test, sexual abstinence should be done between 3 and 7 days. There should be no sexual ejaculation (sleeping or masturbation) for 3-7 days by any means. If it has happened, the diet should be started again before the sperm test. Alcohol, drugs or cigarette consumption should not be consumed during sexual abstinence. Since these substances affect the sperm count and movement, the result of the sperm test is wrong. In our laboratory, the sperm test is studied with the Kruger method. You do not need to make an appointment to have a sperm test, it is sufficient to arrive 2 hours before our closing time.

Samples are accepted between 08:30 -17:00 on weekdays and Saturday: 08:30 – 13:00. The lab is closed on Sundays


There is a special sampling room in our laboratory for sperm testing. It is possible to watch DVD while giving samples. You can also bring your own DVD.

While the sperm test is being studied, the sperm shape (morphology) characteristics are examined after a special staining, and the fertility capacity of the sperm sample is determined. Since many factors such as smoking, alcohol, heat, drugs and infections affect sperm production, the analysis of abnormal samples should be repeated two or three times with an interval of one month. If a fertility problem is detected in the sperm analysis, further examination of the man is carried out in terms of physical and hormonal aspects.

The sperm production cycle is repeated every 2-3 months. In other words, a sperm produced will be secreted into the semen after 2-3 months. Likewise, harmful factors that the person encounters or useful drugs used for treatment can also affect sperm production after 3 months. This process should be kept in mind when evaluating sperm test results.