What are Hair Transplant Techniques?

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What are Hair Transplant Techniques?

Thanks to the hair transplantation, which will be planned in the most appropriate way for your needs, the hair follicles in different parts of your body are transplanted to the areas where gaps occur. Various methods are used to extract quality hair follicles from the nape or other areas and transfer them to the hills, forehead and open areas. In order to get accurate and effective results, you need to get detailed information about the operation. You may be wondering how you can make the right decision in hair transplantation, which is performed in different ways with FUT and FUE methods.

What is the FUT Method in Hair Transplantation?

FUT procedure, which is one of the oldest methods in hair transplantation, is known as Follicular Unit Transplasty. According to this method, a strip is created for the hairs on the nape. Thus, hair follicles are removed by surgical methods in order to transfer them to the required area. This method, which is made with the incision method and leaves a scar, is not preferred today. It is a method that is not preferred today due to incision procedures that may cause tissue damage during the operation. In this method, no haircut is made and the quality of the hair follicles to be taken is not taken into account.

What is the FUE Method in Hair Transplantation?

Another hair transplant method that has been used since the 2000s will be the FUE technique. Local anesthesia is used in the application, which will start with a haircut first. Care will be taken to remove quality hair follicles from the neck or chest parts without making any incisions. Professional studies are exhibited in transporting the pieces obtained by using some special techniques to open areas. This method, which provides a natural appearance, is more recommended for patients. Today, the methods that people who want to have hair transplantation show interest in are presented within the scope of FUE technique. You should pay attention to the fact that the centers and experts from whom you will request these applications are experienced and knowledgeable in their work. We underline that you can have hair transplantation at our address, which has carried out similar studies before and achieved very successful results, at the most affordable prices and with the highest quality methods.

What is PRP Method in Hair Transplantation?

Another method that can be preferred for hair transplantation is called PRP. According to this method, the solution produced by the cells that play a role in blood coagulation is used at this stage. Thus, a successful process is achieved in order to obtain efficient hair.

Which method is more ideal for hair transplantation?

If you are investigating which method is more ideal and what kind of differences there are, we provide detailed information for you.

  • Haircut is done in FUE technique, but not in FUT technique.
  • The incision is not opened in the FUE technique, but is opened in the FUT technique.
  • It uses the FUE technique to obtain 140,160 roots per cm depending on the size of the area to be planted. This amount is specified as 60 in the FUT Technique.
  • In the FUE technique, the hair follicles are selected, while in the FUT technique, they are taken as strips without being selected.
  • In the FUT technique, there is a waiting period before hair transplantation. In the FUE technique, a direct transfer is made without waiting in any way and there is no trace in any way.

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