What are the stages of hair transplantation?

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What are the stages of hair transplantation?

You can have information about each stage from your specialists, who will carry out a suitable planning and timing for hair transplantation. From the first stages, care should be taken to take the right steps so that you are not adversely affected socially and psychologically. From the moment you decide on hair transplantation, you can feel more comfortable thanks to your professional experts who will tell you what method you will meet and what the stages are.

After deciding on hair transplantation, you will need to act on the sources where you can obtain research and information. You can take ideal steps thanks to your doctor who will analyze your hair and share with you what kind of hair loss you are experiencing, why it is caused and how to find a solution. You will find that your experts, who will perform the analysis in the best way, will act free of charge and will be able to assess the extent of your ailments.

Who is not suitable for hair transplantation?

We can state that people with certain ailments will not be suitable for these procedures. We report that hair transplantation is not recommended for people with hepatitis diseases, AIDS, serious chronic diseases, people with heart, diabetes, liver failure and blood pressure, and individuals under the age of 18. We emphasize that every step that will put the health of individuals at risk is avoided. These procedures are not recommended for people who do not have enough hair follicles in the donor area, since efficient results will not be obtained after hair transplantation.

What are the Hair Transplant Stages?

For people who do not have any problems as a result of all the examinations to be made, procedures consisting of 6 stages are included. These;

1 – Planning Phase

Hair transplantation design and planning are given for the patient who will be informed about the complications of hair transplantation.

2 – Preparation Phase

At this stage, in which care is taken to complete the preparations in the operation area, haircuts and shaving procedures are performed. By using local anesthesia, the patient is allowed to be prepared under sterile conditions.

3 – Removal of Hair Roots

It is the stage where quality hair follicles are taken, starting from the nape of the non-shedding areas. Various liquid injections are made for a more comfortable operation. Hair follicles are collected without the patient feeling any pain.

4 – Channels Opening Stage

It is possible to open channels in the appropriate number and direction for the roots to be transplanted.

5 – Hair Transplant Phase

According to the planning of your specialist doctors, hair transplantation would be performed starting from certain areas. It is seen as the last stage in hair transplantation and you are expected to follow certain instructions.

6 – Completion of Hair Transplantation

Following the completion of hair transplantation according to FUE or PRP procedures, patients are told what they should pay attention to in certain periods.

What is the Process After Hair Transplant Stages?

After completing certain stages, you may be wondering what kind of process you will encounter after hair transplantation. During the first three days, you need to protect it from various impacts and negativities. It is recommended to lie on your back to avoid damaging the hair follicles, which you need to keep away from the sun and water. You should stay away from all kinds of activities, sports activities and sexual relations that may cause excessive sweating. Alcohol, caffeinated beverages, cigarettes and similar harmful substances should not be consumed. In addition, people should not drive in a 1-day period and should not wash before three days. You should stay away from stress, do not use any products on your hair and wait for your hair to sit for a certain period of time.

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