What is Brazilian Butt (Hip) Aesthetics? How is it done?

Brezilya Poposu (Kalçası) Estetiği Nedir? Nasıl Yapılır?

What is Brazilian Butt (Hip) Aesthetics? How is it done?

In order for your body to have a proportional appearance, you can meet the method called Brazilian Butt (Hip) Aesthetics. Thus, it will be possible to achieve fuller and rounded appearances in the hip area. Thanks to our center that allows you to meet special fat transfer techniques, you can get information about the details of this process. Silicone materials are not used in this method, which is among the most popular methods and applied to the hip. With the method called liposuction, you can achieve effective results by removing excess fat from the waist, thighs or abdomen and injecting it into the buttocks.

What are the Benefits of Brazilian Butt (Hip) Aesthetics?

You can get information about Brazilian Butt (Hip) Aesthetics in order to shape your body. Effective results will be waiting for you when your body becomes more attractive and your clothes are fully compatible with your body. It will be a method that you will benefit from providing the balance in the upper and lower parts, making the lower body curvy and giving fullness to your hips. When you want to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, you can meet this method without hesitation.

For whom is Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics Applied?

When you want to augment your buttocks without using a prosthesis, you can meet the Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics method. If you have not experienced too much sagging and you want to benefit from a pop lift operation, it will be a suitable option for you. You can consult your specialist doctor who will evaluate your suitability for changes in the shape and size of your hip.

How is Brazilian Butt Aesthetics Performed?

For Brazilian Buttock Aesthetics, which consists of three stages in total, the Liposuction method is used to remove fat in the first step. Afterwards, the oils are purified and prepared for transfer. In the last stage, fat injection is made by aesthetic surgeons to increase the volume. Since the possibility of melting fats after the procedure is taken into account, it is possible to make a fat transfer above normal.

Recovery Process After Brazilian Butt (Hip) Aesthetics

After the aesthetic operation to be applied for your hips, the pain you will feel will be at levels that can be controlled. It will be recommended that you do not sit for a period of about 2 weeks and lie on your back all the time. When you get through these processes, you need to sit on the bagel and reduce the pressure on your hips by getting support from your thighs. When you want to switch to a normal sitting position, you need to complete about 8 weeks. People who want to continue their normal activities should be patient for 10-14 weeks.

Is Brazilian Butt Aesthetics Permanent?

For people who have managed to maintain their weight well, we can say that the fat that does not melt after the Brazilian Buttock (Hip) Aesthetics procedure will create permanence. However, you should not forget that these results will be negative as a result of irregular weight gain and loss.

Risks of Brazilian Butt (Hip) Aesthetics

We remind you that there may be some risks for Brazilian Buttock (Hip) Aesthetics as in any surgery. Risks occur in the form of infection, formation of lumps under the skin, skin losses, fat embolism in the heart and lungs, and the need for a new session.

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