What is Breast Reduction Surgery? How is it applied?

Meme Küçültme Ameliyatı Nedir? Nasıl Uygulanır?

What is Breast Reduction Surgery? How is it applied?

Breast Reduction Surgery is performed for people who complain that their breast structure is larger than normal. Thus, in order to make the body more proportional, it is possible to remove the fat and skin parts that give fullness. You can take steps that will be proportional to your height and weight thanks to the Breast Reduction Surgery, which causes the body to lean towards the front, bone, back and spine deformations and wounds.

Otherwise, you may cause pitting due to the hanger of the underwear you will use. You can consult your specialist doctor to get rid of this problem, which negatively affects sports or various activities. Your doctor, who can take immediate action against your complaints that will increase over time, will evaluate whether you are suitable for the operation. You will be able to evaluate situations that may be risky in this process, where you can receive information about what you should pay attention to before and after the surgery.

What are Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques?

In the Lejour method, which can be applied to people whose chest structure is not excessively large, a straight incision is made from the chest. However, it is not included in the methods that can be applied for people with a larger chest structure. When you choose the Test T watch breast reduction method, you will see that the surgical scar can heal in the best way. Finally, people who will prefer the graft technique should be at a very advanced age. In this method, which causes the milk ducts to deteriorate, it becomes possible to reduce the breast to the level requested by the patient. You can contact our experts to get information about Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques and to ask questions about Breast Reduction Surgery Prices.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast Reduction Surgery is performed according to the patient’s request by making the right planning according to the techniques we have mentioned above. Some reduction operations are performed on glandular tissue and adipose tissue, skin or nipple. After the reduction operation in the tissue, the sagging is also removed. Thus, it will be possible for people who want to have tight and upright breasts to reach their goals. Your specialist doctor, who best plans the breast size, which can be different for each body, will take the right step according to your age.

Considering the breast volume, it is important to put the patient to sleep in the operation they will perform. After the Breast Reduction Surgery, which is completed in approximately 3-5 hours, a 1-day hospitalization is given. After the operations performed with self-dissolving sutures, you will not have a problem such as suture removal. According to the techniques used, it will be possible to learn how dense the seam scar will be.

Are There Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

It is possible to talk about some rare risks. Infection and bleeding are among them. In addition, it is necessary not to ignore the negativities that can be experienced as a result of the negative effect of the nipple sensation or damage to the milk ducts. Hygiene rules regarding Breast Reduction Surgery, which must be performed under appropriate conditions, must be strictly followed. In operations performed under hygienic conditions, the recovery period is further shortened. You will be given the opportunity to take precautions for infections, common complications and the healing of stitches.

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