What is hair transplantation? How to do hair transplantation?

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What is hair transplantation? How to do hair transplantation?

We explain clearly what method people should follow when they encounter the problem of hair loss. Treatment methods are followed to suit the different needs of each person. One of the methods that can be a solution for hair loss is hair transplantation. In this process, the hair follicles that progress along the nape are allowed to be transferred to the spilled areas. Different steps are taken according to the methods used for hair transplantation, which should be performed in hygienic environments and under sterile conditions. Today, we underline that the healthiest and most efficient results can be obtained with the FUE method. Accordingly, as a result of the procedures performed under local anesthesia and without incision, only healthy hair follicles are taken and transplanted. In this way, you can continue your normal life after a few days of rest without experiencing pain and you can see that the permanent hair will grow in a short time.

Are You Wondering Why Your Hair Is Shedding?

Hair loss at a certain level is normal. However, you should not forget that there may be various reasons if it is lived above the daily amount. Hair loss can occur at an early age due to seasonal changes, hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiencies and genetic factors. In such cases, you should not ignore that some skin diseases may have occurred. You can expect healthy hair to come in hair loss that can be caused by different reasons and stress in men and women. However, in cases where, despite all the treatments and measures taken, you cannot make your hair fall and new hair grow, methods related to hair transplantation will come to your aid. At this stage, you should apply to professional people and get important information about the advantages and differences before and after hair transplantation.

What should people who want to have a hair transplant pay attention to?

People who want to achieve perfect results and reach the desired point visually should pay attention to some issues before and after hair transplantation. Since it is a surgical procedure, we recommend that you seek support from specialists who take precautions against complications that may put your life at risk. If you are using any medication, you should definitely get an idea about it. In addition, you should stay away from various harmful substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, caffeinated drinks and quit at least 1 week before. In this way, after the process where you can prepare in a healthier way, you should not engage in activities that tire you.

By keeping in constant contact with your doctor, you can get information about from which day you can contact with water. You should use the shampoos or hair lotions that will be recommended and prescribed to you in accordance with the recommendations. You should be careful in choosing hats for the planting areas that you need to protect from the sun.

You should be careful for the first 15 days after the operation and avoid behaviors that may damage the hair follicles. There are points where you need to be patient for a while in your sleeping position, clothes and hairdressing services. While drying your hair, you should prefer lighter movements instead of quick actions that will damage your hair. You should not take into account that crusting may occur on your scalp, and you should avoid intervening with your nails in case of itching.

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